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Protect your Instagram from ghosts and spam!

Spam Guard - is an online service that helps clean your Instagram and block spam activity. It’s an effective cleaner for Instagram that takes care of spam accounts and subscriptions that are not mutual, and it’s an anti-spam monitor that blocks unwanted followers and comments.

Spam Guard - is the first smart cleaner for Instagram. The service wipes Instagram spam accounts out from among your followers and people you follow. You know how to easily stop spam in your profile now. Wipe ghosts, remove businesses, and not common and inactive users in a few clicks. Spam Guard is also the first unique anti-spam best hacker monitor that takes care of your account and blocks spam and unwanted activity from spam accounts and ghosts.

User options

Whole account cleaner

The smart service for cleaning your Instagram account serves for blocking unpleasant followers and useless profiles. You are free to choose profiles that you want to delete: ghosts, business accounts and passive followers. You can create a white list of important profiles so they will remain unblocked during the process. It will help to avoid blindly taking action against innocent accounts. If you want your account to have high rate, steer clear from bot profiles. Identification of bot profiles is easy: those which have no publications but have thousands of followers are considered as bots.

This scraper service serves for cleaning your account from ghosts. You are able to leave only profiles of real people so your profile will be free from spam. Ghost followers effect the overall engagement badly and brings the popularity of your account down. Using this service you will have only real audience which will produce your profile with more likes, realistic comments. Also, you will be provided with core audience for your goods and services. Using smart ghost cleaner you will be able to provide price growth for placement of ads for their profile. After removing ghosts from your follower list your account will grow organically. Use scraper of ID to search for ghost profiles. Fake followers will harm your engagement rate.

Question: After removing the ghost followers once, how can we make sure that no new ghost followers will be follow my account? How to avoid those completely?

Answer: It will be provided by using a software to bulk remove ghost followers on your Instagram.

Anti-business accounts cleaner

If you don't want to see ads in your account, we are able to remove from your list stores, public places and annoying ads. Smart system helps to get rid not only of business profiles but also from regular profiles which sell products and services. Those kind of profiles never check the newsfeed, so they are not interested in your posts and your products. Deleting them with the help of SmartGuard won't be an ordeal.

Not common accounts cleaner

SpamGuard can delete thousands of followers from your account with one mouse click. In this way you'll be able to clean your account from profiles of users who are not your back-followers. Only important accounts will remain in your newsfeed and your posts will be seen only by interested and engaged audience.

Inactive users cleaner

Spam profiles of Instagram don't generate likes, comments and competitors followers. Using this service you are able to keep only real profiles in your follower list and keep only live comments. This is useful for avoiding automation actions. Smart system identifies passive followers who never provide any reaction regarding your account for the period of last 30 days. Spam Guard will make a list of those accounts and delete inactive profiles in the list of your followers.

With the help of reports you will be able to see the effectiveness of work of Instagram cleaner. You can check how many ghosts, business profiles, inactive and uncommon accounts were removed from your followers and following lists. Also you can see blocked profiles on your account with the point of reason. Spam Guard service is great bot purge and high level of protection from spam actions.

First smart multifunctional guardian that will keep your Instagram account safe 24 hours per day. Once having subscribed to Spam Guard you will forget about undesired actions regarding your Instagram profile. SpamGuard serves for cleaning your Instagram account from various spam actions and helps to remove fake followers and spam accounts which are not mutual from your follower-list. Service is an anti-spam monitor that makes it possible to get rid of unwanted followers and undesirable comments. As a result, you will have audience that is engaged in your publications and who will really interact with the type of content you share.

Our Advantages

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если один

Cloud service

You don’t need to install any actual apps. Spam Guard works even if you close your browser.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если два

Fast Cleaner

Spam Guard will clean your Instagram in a few clicks.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если три

Multiple accounts

You may add 2, 3, 4 or even more Instagram accounts to your profile.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если четыре


Use Spam Guard on your laptop, smartphone or any other device.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если пять

White list & Quick select

Add your friends’ accounts to the white list and Spam Guard will never block them.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если шесть


Spam Guard shows deleted accounts in daily reports.


  • Analyze 30% of your followers and follows
  • Clean up to 1000 unwanted followers, ghosts or commercial accounts
  • Absolutely FREE!
  • Repeatedly analyze and clear your account from spam during the access period
  • Fully protect your account from bots, commercial accounts, foreigners and any unwanted activity for up to 12 months
  • Personalized price for each account!
  • Enter your account and get know your price

Enter your account and get know your price


Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если семь

We sell decorations for home and interior on Instagram. When we first started, we bought 1000 followers. That’s how we showed that our account is interesting for a big audience, and real followers kept coming frequently. Then Instagram released Smart news feed and we noticed that our photos started appearing more seldom in our followers’ news feed. It appeared that Instagram shows less photos from accounts with many inactive users. Then we decided to clean Instagram from ghosts. We chose Spam Guard because here you can easily reveal the list of ghosts to see and to be sure that there are no real users included as a mistake. Now I use Spam Guard for my personal accounts as well. I clean users who haven’t left any likes and comments for a long time. Spamguard is a unique guardian that will keep an eye on your Instagram account 24 hours a day. Subscribe to Spam Guard and forget about all undesired activity once and for all

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если восемь

I have an old Instagram account. I’ve been constantly using it since 2013. Since that time, I’ve collected 3000 followers. I post photos from travel trips and write a blog about my private life. Many people started artificially promoting their Instagram accounts. Because of that, many beauty salons and the other spammers started visiting my account. It’s my private blog, so I don’t want to make garbage of it because of Instaspam. I used to clean comments with ads, but now I just open Spam Guard and it cleans my Instagram from business Instagram users and also all comments from them. I also regularly delete those who didn’t comment or like my photos for a long time. The process of cleaning is really fast. Insta cleaner gets rid of business ghost accounts in a couple of minutes. Moreover, the service always leaves people from my white list alone like my friends, relatives, and other people whom I don’t want to unfollow. Reports will show how effective the cleaner is for Instagram. You will see how many ghost, business, inactive and not common accounts were deleted from the list of your followers and people you follow. You can see who was blocked on your profile and for what reason. It’s really easy to track your Instagram security antispam expenses and to track Spam Guard’s work.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если девять

The smart Instagram cleaner service blocks unwanted followers and unfollows useless accounts. Choose whom you want to delete from your account: ghosts, business profiles, and uncommon and inactive followers. Add important accounts into your white list so Spam Guard won’t block them during the process. I have a small, private account, but spammers like attacking me a lot. They leave lots of comments, always start following me and expect me to follow them back. I used to block those who leave spamming comments one by one. But then the amount of business accounts and stores increased dramatically, so I didn’t see any point of doing it on my own anymore. I was really happy when I found out about Spam Guard. I check my account for ghosts and business accounts once every two weeks and then block unwanted followers and non followers. All comments that they left before get deleted with them. It’s useful that you can see the list of deleted accounts by Spam Guard and also add people like friends to the white list. Plus the fee for the cleaning is just a few dollars.

Всплывающая реклама в инстаграм как сделать если десять

Spam Guard is an inexpensive service that we always use for our store on Instagram. We delete ghosts, businesses, and inactive and annoying followers. That’s how we raise the percentage of our active followers and promote our products and stocks faster to Instagram smart newsfeed. By deleting unwanted accounts, all the comments which they left before get deleted as well. While our clients can only read reviews and advises under the photos, they won’t see spam and AD comments. I’ve recently started using Spam Guard for my private profile. I know how to delete unwanted followers now on Instagram and not to shut down the whole account from everybody. SpamGuard is the first smart service for cleaning your Instagram. The service helps to identify spam accounts from the list of your followers and from accounts you follow as well. After using SpamGuard your account will be free from non-mutual followers, fake fans, recent unfollowers that will be chosen from among all following members. You will easily stop spam activity in your Instagram profile. You are able to avoid ghost profiles, businesses and uncommon inactive users within few clicks. SpamGuard also provides anti-spam security and blocks undesirable actions from spam and ghost accounts.

On Instagram, growing a large following is the goal of many people, but what’s even more desirable is having an engaged and interested audience of people who actually interact with the content you share. Bots inflate marketing costs. Although bots boost follower count, artificially giving you clout, they will bring more problems than it’s worth. People do need to know ghost followers effect the overall engagement in a bad way and bring it down. If you use your Instagram account for marketing purposes, you must avoid bots like the plague. After removing the ghost followers once, how can we make sure no new ghost followers are added in the account? How to avoid those completely? If you are pestered by Instagram Bots then Spamguard will help you. It is the instagram scraper program that helps you identify and get rid of fake followers.

My account is largely made up of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, so I work with quite a few brands. Fake followers really harm your engagement rate, which is super important when you work with sponsors, because you want your posts to be actively engaging with real people. A few years ago, I hired bots to follow my account for a few months and I regret it massively. I'd built my account up organically and then engagement went down massively. Spamguard helps to identify bulks, Fans, Competitors, there is Keyword Search & Friend Check. Thanks for the solution. My account has grown naturally now, with real engagement aswel thankfully. I've been waiting for something like that so I can have a do-over. Thanks.

I own instagram growth agency. Before you begin your crusade against bots, you must first learn how to identify them rather than blindly taking action against innocent accounts—this isn’t the Salem witch hunt. But that great bot purge doesn’t occur overnight. If you want to take matters into your own hands, remember what I taught you: remove, block, or report. Search for the biggest red flag, the post to followers ratio. An account that has no posts but has thousands of followers is a bot. Why would thousands of users follow an account that doesn’t produce content? Very suspect indeed. Also girls with bikini pics. seeing my ig stories. i keep blockin em. but they still have different accounts.Recently had an absolute ordeal in removing SPAM / BOTS / GHOST / FAKE followers from my instagram I myself been struggling with fake followers and I need help deleting them. Bot accounts post random, low-quality images while still having thousands of followers. If you see that, steer clear. You gotta remove them so your content can get to your core audience.

Instagram spam accounts don’t generate likes, comments and popularity. Keep only active followers in your account and “live followings,” and keep only live conversations in comments. The smart algorithm reveals followers who never left any likes or comments for the last 30 days. Spam Guard will put them on the list and then delete inactive people you follow and inactive followers in a few minutes. Clean Instagram from ghosts. Leave only real users—you’ll get rid off Instaspam. Having a real audience generates more likes, comments, and customers for your products and services. By using Insta cleaner for removing ghosts, you also increase the price for an ad placement for the account. Removing ghosts among followers and people you follow is profitable.

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